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Pine Hill Civic Association - Halloween 2020 Survey Results

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 - Halloween To Be On Halloween This Year  

The Board reviewed the Facebook polls and Survey Monkey on the Pine Hill webpage.

The Board determined that since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, the neighborhood will not change to a different weekend.

This is for the 2020 year only and will be reviewed again in 2021.

For those who are new to the subdivision, for over sixty years, it has been a tradition in the Pine Hill subdivision to have Halloween "Trick-or-treating" on the Saturday before Halloween.

When this practice was started the Subdivision hosted a party and a parade on what was known as "the outlot".  The outlot was where the subdivisions's water wells (before we had city water) were located. That lot was at the corner of Walnut Hill and Wattles. Following the party the subdivision’s kids did their “Trick or treating".

The parties died out after the City of Troy took over the responsibility for providing water for the subdivision. This resulted in a significant decrease in dues being collected from the residents. This made far less money available for parties. Also, most of the neighborhood kids of that time had grown up and were no longer interested in Halloween parties. It has been over 50 years since the last Pine Hill Halloween party. Yet the Saturday "Trick or treating" tradition still lives on.

Another reason for Saturday "Trick or treating" was that the kids would never have school the next day.







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 Pine Hill Subdivision, originally comprised of 89 homes, was developed in the early 1950s by Robertson Jamieson Co, now known as Robertson Brothers. The Pine Hill Civic improvement Association was chartered, February 9, 1953 .  The stated purpose for which the association was formed was "to promote the public  safety, moral and general welfare and to operate a private water system for the benefit of members of  the association".